Saturday, January 21, 2012


A little reminder to myself for next holiday season...

Just a gentle reminder.  I was only 15 pounds from goal at the beginning of October.  After running a half marathon coming off of injury, Halloween celebrations, becoming injured again and the subsequent 2011 Holiday season, I gained 10 pounds.  It's a bit frustrating knowing that I had 25 pounds to loose at the beginning of the year...15 pounds would have been so much easier to handle!  I'm back at it and have lost a few pounds already.  Just don't want to play this game every year!

Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 Goal Setting time

That's right! No resolutions here!  I have goals to meet in 2012!
1.  Race weight by my birthday.
         That means 130-135 by April 13.  I'm currently about 160 (up from 149 when I ran DesMoines in          
         October...damn!).  That means 25 pounds in 15 weeks (really wishing I wouldn't have gained that
         extra 10 pounds!).  I'm not sure that 130-135 is the race weight that I'm shooting for, but strongly
         suspect it is.
2.  Sub 2:00 half-marathon.
         I'll have 18 weeks to train for the Lincoln National Guard Half Marathon on May 6.  With good,
         smart training and the aforementioned weight loss, I believe I can achieve this.  I've run only 2 half
         marathons thus far...both of which I was injured just a few weeks prior.  Hoping the third time is a injuries this cycle!
3.  Strength train 2-3 times a week.
          I started working with Lallenia shortly after I ran DesMoines half (2:08:24) and promptly blew my
          knee out because of my weaknesses.  I continue to train with her and get stronger every week.  
4.  Run 3-4 times a week.
          I'll be finalizing my training schedule over the next couple of weeks.  Eight weeks out from an
          injury, it's hard to imagine running 4 days a week, but that's the goal.  I may have to ease into it for 
          the first few weeks with three runs a week.
5.  Keep on top of my household duties with Motivated Moms.
          Print it off every two weeks.  Check it off as it gets done.  Easy. Peasy!
6.  Eat out no more than once a week opting for the healthy choices. 

7. Log my daily food intake.
I use Daily Burn.  Love it!

8.  Run 1000 miles in 2012.

Just to round out to 10...these are a bit less precise.

9.  Take time to do more things that I, beading...crafting!

10.  Read more.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Do you have plans for May 6, 2012?

I DO! Confirmation

Lincoln National Guard Marathon and Half Marathon - 2012 : Half Marathon : early registration

You have successfully registered at

Friday, November 11, 2011

Foto road to DesMoines and now what?

These are my legs.
(flexed for the camera)

My legs are the strongest part of my body (but not the whitest part!)...yep, pretty sure of that.  Yet, somehow over the last two months, I've been uncovering their weaknesses.  

After being sidelined in the midst of training for the Omaha Half Marathon 2010, I decided earlier this spring that I would not be signing up for any half marathons this year.  I wanted to run and stay healthy. 

On Memorial Day I ran the Boystown Memorial Day Run 5 mile race.  Around this time, I told my chiropractor that I had no desire to race any distance beyond a 10k.  At the end of June, the family headed to Wisconsin for a family reunion.  I took the liberty of racing my first out of state race at the RCU Charity Classic 10k.  I missed my goal of racing it in under an hour by a mere 17 seconds!  (I'm not always that fast.  The weather was perfect.  The course was flat and fast...compared to the hilly terrain that I'm used to.)

Running was going well.  So well, in fact, that I decided that I was ready to renig my comment to my chiropractor about not running over 10k this summer.  I felt good.  I was steadily increasing my a healthy rate.  I was running at paces that I didn't know I had in me!  (The first mile I ever ran in my adult life about 3 years ago was timed at 12:40.  Here I was running 10:30 on longer runs and breaking 30 minutes for my casual 5k runs...not races!)  I decided to keep going.  I ran 3-4 days a week.  Every 10-14 days, I set out on a new long distance run. I finally made it to that 20 mile/week that kept eluding me.  I had almost two months worth of 20 mile weeks!  (96 miles in August to be exact!)  

Then it started!  On September 10, I went out for a 12 mile run.  It was going wonderfully, until mile 10.  I started feeling a rubbing on the outside of my left knee.  Right after this run, I promptly became sick.  By that evening, I lost my voice and was limping from the stiffness in my left knee.  I didn't think anything of it, and since a price increase in registration for DesMoines Half Marathon was quickly approaching, I quickly registered.  Five weeks to go! 

The next week I took it easy (because I was sick) and ran a total of five miles that week.  That five miler went fine, aside from being tired and battling some abdominal "pulling" from coughing up a lung.  

Nine days after my 12 miler, (feeling much better)  I set out on a 10 miler.  By mile 3 my knees felt tight.  I stopped to stretch them.  I have never had to stop to stretch mid run.  This run was very different.  I ended up stopping 3-4 times to stretch.  Nothing was painful, but I knew something was off.  

With 10 miles complete, I stopped to fiddle with my phone.  I was about 3/4 mile away from my daughter's preschool and had planned on walking back up the hill in plenty of time to pick her up.  As I tried to start to walk, I realized that my knees were pretty much locked up.  I started to panic. Would I make it the preschool to pick up my toddler?!  I managed to wobble myself to the preschool.  A couple of people at preschool noticed I was having issues. 

By the next evening, I knew this wasn't something I could brush off.  The right side was starting to feel better, but the left...I had issues.  I needed some help!  I sent a message to the lovely Lallenia @ Healthy, Fit and Fabulous!  I had met Lallenia completely by chance one day at the park that my daughter has soccer practice at.  Lallenia called me back.  I balled to her about my current condition.  She gave me the name of a physical therapist.  

Bright and early the next morning, I called Athletes Training Center.  Nick answered.  I had my first appointment with Nick the very next day.  He did lots of test to determine my strengths and weaknesses.  Here's the notes that I posted on DailyMile that day:  "Had my first visit with PT today. My brain is still spinning with the plethora of information he spewed at me! Reviewing my mileage, he has no concerns with my distances or increases of them. He feels confident that I could maintain that level if I strengthen some key muscles that are causing imbalances in my body. Apparently my hamstrings aren't as strong as my quads, my inner thighs aren't as strong as my outer, and my hamstrings, glutes and obliques aren't properly supporting my pelvis. My pelvis is tilted forward, causing my knees to pull in, therefore irritating my IT bands. Not to mention how ridiculously tight my calves are. Phew! So much to take in! I was given a few exercises to do for the next few days. I see him again on Monday." I told him about being registered to run 4 weeks!  He replied, "That's our goal.  You are going to run DesMoines."

Over the next four weeks, we worked on simple, effective exercises that helped me hold my pelvis correctly.  I started cycling a bit, followed by elliptical.  Finally, we tested out a few short runs.  Still there was rubbing on the left knee...not pain though.  There was alot of experimentation.  He put a lift in my right arch of my shoe.  He cued me to push with my right.  He urged me to "stride out." 

Finally 6 days prior to DesMoines, he had me take on an eight miler.  This would determine if  I would be going to DesMoines.  Notes from that 8 miler:  "Longest run since starting PT. Fastest 8 miler ever! DesMoines 1/2 here I come! I was still sore from PT on Friday (one legged squats!). Left knee started rubbing 1.5 miles in. Mantra to remind myself to watch my form, "Stride out. Push (off on right). Find the arch (when landing on the right)." The mantra works. Rubbing on the knee lessens, but my pace quickens ALOT. I wasn't sure I could actually run 8 miles at that pace, and I'm certainly not convinced I can run 13.1 at that pace. As I fatigued from the pace, I would slow down again. My form would go astray and the knee would rub I would repeat the mantra...pace would quicken...rinse and repeat. Pulling thru the pelvis/lower abdomen the whole time...which is common for me at this pace. At mile 5.5, I stopped to stretch the calves. Knee rubbing pretty much went away...but was quickly replaced with discomfort on the top of the left foot, which stayed with me thru the rest of the run."

I ran that eight miler at a 9:39 pace.  Prior to PT all of my long runs were run at 10:30s!  Sure it felt great to pull that kind of pace for this slow gal, but having not TRAINED at the pace, I didn't know if it was realistic to go for it.  I had one last appointment with Nick before DesMoines and his vacation.  I voiced my concern about the pace.  I know he understood my concerns.  He didn't really offer up a game plan for me, just gave me the encouraging eyebrow raise.  I told him that I thought a 9:50 pace would probably be more realistic for me.  (Prior to PT my most relaxed goal for DesMoines was 2:20 (10:40 pace), but since I've heard DesMoines is flat and fast, I thought in my wildest dreams I could shoot for a 10:00 pace coming in about 2:11-2:12)

If you don't know the outcome of my DesMoines half follow this link:  __

After DesMoines, I knew that I still had a lot of work to do to get stronger.  I gave myself a week (or two) to recover and finally contacted Lallenia for some one on one.  I was ready to get stronger.  She spent the first few sessions seeing what I was capable of.  

My fourth session, just 9 days ago, on Nov 2, my left knee (the same as the IT band issue) buckled under me during a simple broadjump.  I struggled thru the rest of the workout.  My knee buckled two more times...doing the simplest of tasks!  

Two mornings later, I was back to see Nick for some true rehab.

So, there it is.  Nine days later and my left knee is still swollen (you can see it a bit in the photo above). And as the swelling has reduced a bit, it's being replaced by more pain and instability.  I have it braced most of the day in fear that I will fall to the ground if it buckles or hyperextends.  

I haven't run much in 2 months (46 miles in September and 53 in October).  My last run was October 31...almost 2 weeks...and I probably won't be running for a couple of more weeks!

I'm still working with Lallenia.  I have alot of work to do.  My weakness are certainly not solely in my legs.  Like I said in the beginning (of this novel), they are probably the strongest part of my body.  I can't do a pushup...not a single one!  Baby steps, people!  

I WILL BECOME STRONGER! and it will make me a STRONGER RUNNER!  I can't wait to see what kind of times I'll be able to pull then!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's early bird basketball season

My dear husband coached his first basketball game today.  Our fourth grade boys (and my oldest daughter) pulled off a 34-15 win!

We managed to pull together a team in less than a week.  We needed 8 players on the roster, but only had 7.  My oldest two happen to be twins (boy/girl).  Layla (the girl twin) didn't want her brother to be disappointed in not being able to play b-ball this season, so she volunteered to have her name on the roster.  We also could twist anyone else's arm to coach.  So, hubby took the job.

I was nervous, as only four of the boys have played together before.  We were also short 3 players for todays game (other sport commitments).  Thankfully a couple of kids from one of our schools other bball team wanted to play with us today.  I was quite impressed with how our team played.  Even Layla made a few plays.  She has alot to learn, but hey...I can't imagine how intimidating it must be the only girl on a boy's team.

It was just the confidence booster they needed.  Here's hoping we have a strong, positive season!

Friday, October 21, 2011

DesMoines 1/2 Marathon Race Recap

I finished my second half marathon on Sunday, October 16, 2011.  DesMoines put on a wonderful race and I hope to run it again.

Alot has happened since I've last updated my blog.  I do plan on sharing the details of getting to DesMoines, but for now I just want to focus on this race.

The family and I drove to DesMoines on Saturday afternoon.  We checked into the hotel and promptly walked about a mile to the expo/packet pickup.  Easy peasy.  I already knew my bib number.  Walked right up (no lines!), grabbed my packet (chip and bib), was instructed to go scan my chip to activate and lastly was told where to grab my race shirt.  We strolled the expo for a bit.  I was slightly tempted to buy another souvenir race shirt and a sprint handheld water bottle, but I passed on both.  I did return with a pair of awesome running socks.  And both of my girls are now sporting new BondiBands.  At this point, it was getting late.  I needed to eat!  Pasta dinner smelled AMAZING, but I had not purchased tickets.  We ended up back at the hotel restaurant to carb load on their pasta buffet.  I was very underwhelmed with my meal, but it would have to work.

After dinner, we took the kids down to the pool...because I felt like we HAD to.  The (indoor) pool was far too cool for my liking and I was ready to go within 15 minutes.  We managed to stay about 40 minutes or so, leaving at about 8:15.

Back in the room, I started getting ready for my big day.  I laid out my clothes, socks, shoes, breakfast, fuel for the race and of course BodyGlide.  I pinned my bib to my shirt (after wrinkling it up real good)..."hmm, I should probably try this on".  I pinned it right under the "RUN" in my shirt.  "UH, I need to reposition this."  I had a safety pin protruding from each breast, not the best look.  Repositioned it..."Much better!"  Was ready to crawl into bed, when I dumped out my packet.  DUH!  I probably want to put the timing chip on my shoe too.  I always like to keep my chip as a souvenir.  Good thing my hubby decided to read the packet.  Volunteers cut off your chip at the finish.  If not returned within 3 weeks, there is a $30 charge...yikes!  Okay, I won't be keeping this one.

Getting to sleep wasn't the easiest.  I was tired, but between the hubby trying to catch up on college football on the television to later the four year old wandering the room, I had a hard time falling asleep. Not to mention that fact that my stomach was having a heck of a time digesting my pasta dinner!  Finally fell asleep after 11 knowing that my alarms would be going off at 6 AM.  I woke up once about 1 AM, but other than that slept pretty well.  I awoke on my own at 5:50.

Upon waking, I had some water and started my breakfast of a Nature Valley roasted almond granola bar with some Justin's maple almond butter.  I could hear the wind howling outside and thought, "Ugh, cold and windy!" (I knew it would be low 50's).   I decided that I had enough time and that I would really enjoy a hot shower (and it would help with controlling my crazy hair if I put it up while wet).  After my shower, I got dressed, did my hair, and yes, even put on a little makeup.

Just before 7:00 I was confident that I had everything I would need for the day.  I headed out the door of the hotel room, leaving my sweet family to their sweet dreams.  Just as the door shut behind me, I thought "maybe I should grab my jacket.  Oh, wait, it's in the van.  Oh, I can grab it on the way out.  No you don't have a key on you.  It's right in the room...get it!  Nah, I'll be okay."  I did manage to throw some throw away gloves in my race bag though...score!

Hopped into the elevator with a nice young man from Milwaukee named John (running his 7th state, early on in his 50 marathons in 50 states journey!).  John and I walked out of the hotel together.  The hotel would be running shuttle buses down to the start area, but John and I decided that a nice little walk to the start would be okay.  We chatted the whole way there.  Once we arrived I just tried to relax.  It was nice having John there to chat to and keep my mind off of things.  We saw Daniel from the Biggest Loser.  Daniel was doing the 1/2 as well!  As 8AM approached, I turned on my Garmin, giving it plenty of time to locate a satellite.  It seemed to take forever, once asking me if I was inside.  Finally, it seemed to have located a satellite.  I decided it was time to take my place behind the 9:30 pace signs (but in front of the 2:10 pacer).  While hanging out there, freezing myself crazy, I spotted Barefoot Angie.  I told her I read her blog and asked if I could snap a pic.  We chatted a bit.  Learned that she would be volunteering at the finish line and her hubby would be running the 1/2.

Angie snapped this pic of me before the start:

Just as I thought there was no way I could spend another minute out in this cold morning, it was time to get moving.  It took us a few minutes to cross the start mat.  As I crossed, I hit start on my Garmin.  At a slow jog from the congestion, I looked down at my Garmin.  It read, "0 ft".  What???  Keep jogging a little ways.  Look down again.  "0 ft"  I did this about 5 times, before deciding, "It's fine Lisa.  Run!  Run YOUR race.  You are able to keep track of your overall time.  So what!... you don't know your distance or your overall average pace...just run your little heart out!"  And that my friends, is exactly what I did.  I ran on feel for the first time ever in a race...something I rarely do on training runs even.

The first few miles were crowded and often felt too slow for me.  At mile 2 the 2:10 pacer passed me.  I thought, "oh, no way!"  I passed him right away, and never saw him again!  At about mile 3, I believe, we split from the full marathoners.  At about 35 minutes in (just before 3.5 miles??), I had a Chocolate#9.  I had planned on taking it at 4.5 miles, but I was pretty sure a water stop would be coming up at mile 4.  I wanted to make sure that if I needed water to wash it down, I would be able to do so at the water station since I didn't carry my own water this day.  I had Gatorade (for calories) at every aid station except the ones after I had a Chocolate#9.  

Some where between mile 5 and 6, another lady runner pulled along side of me.  We didn't speak at all, but our breathing was completely in sync...well, alternating.  I would let out my long, deep, exhale and as I would take my shorter inhale, she would let out her sharp, short exhale.  We did this for a few minutes.  It was driving me NUTS!  So, I had to ditch her...see ya!  I don't understand how her breaths were so short.

The spectators were amazing...upbeat and plentiful!  So much more so than when I ran Omaha last year.  There were bands and DJs all over the course.  I hardly ever run with music...and never during a race.  To have music on the course was great!  It was just after hearing the beginning of "Black Velvet" that I saw Daniel from Biggest Loser on the out and back portion of the course.  And right after that I saw a woman walking a half marathon in high heels!  Oh, dear!  I've seen it all...maybe?   It's okay, they were both 3-4 miles behind me!

Feeling strong somewhere in the second half.

It wasn't until the last half of the race that I stopped getting caught up behind slower lines of people...and it shows in my times.  I had my last Chocolate#9 before mile 8, I think???  I kept an eye on my time at each mile marker.  Doing the math on the fly isn't my strongest, but it seemed to me that I was keeping it well below 10 minute miles.

(Hello Quad!)

Miles 9 and 10 got spiritual.  We had found out earlier in the week that a friend of a friend (that we hang out with and also consider a friend) has liver cancer.  A forty something year old man with a wife and a teenage son, I couldn't help but reflect on the pain that his wife and son must be going thru right now.  I sent prayers up for their family.

Smiling because I loved that they painted the trail there for a photo op.

Sometime around mile 10 I noticed a young man in a 2011 Omaha Marathon shirt pulled over to the side stretching.  I let out a, "C'mon Omaha!" and kept running.  Shortly after my left calf started to tighten...on the verge of cramping.  I thought about stopping to stretch.  Shook it off, "no, just run".  Shortly after "Omaha" caught up to me.  "How are you?" I asked.  He nodded.  "Better?" I asked.  "Better!", he replied.  We chatted a few more words on the shortest out and back I've ever seen. And just like that "Omaha" left me in the dust!  Way to go Omaha!

The last couple of miles was a bunch of me telling myself, "PUSH!"  The end seemed to take forever.  I wasn't hurting, but I was paranoid about that tight calf seizing up.  Even though, I don't think I slowed down at all.  Finally one last turn, and I saw the Finish line...WAY down the road.  Keep pushing.  Still not slowing down.  I finished strong!  I spotted my family right away.  My husband snapped this picture of me:

I grabbed my medal.  A volunteer cut my timing chip off.  Chatted a few words with the family.  Started to walk away to grab some post race grub and BAM...oh, yeah, that IT band HURTS.  Boy, am I glad that I didn't stop to stretch!  I would have hobbled the last mile or two.  I hobbled over to grab some water, chocolate milk and a cupcake.

Met up with my family again.  Stretched out my calves, as that helps relieve pressure off of my IT band.  I also popped a few Tylenol right then and there (glad I brought those with me!)  We then walked back to the hotel...I stretched a couple more times during the mile walk, as well as implemented the high step walk I didn't have to limp!

My 6.5 mile split ended up being 1:05:43 (10:07 pace), with a 158th division place.

My overall finish time was 2:08:24 (9:49 pace), with a 156th division place (out of 409).

This 1/2 marathon set a new personal best for me, beating last year's Omaha time by 44:36!  And to think a month ago all my long runs were run at a 10:30 pace!  (Don't worry.  I'll elaborate in a later post on my IT band injuries and my work with a physical therapist to make my comeback.)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August wrap up and a Weigh in Wednesday...

After seeing a gain on the scale, I really didn't want to report back here to the blog. These things happen. I just didn't feel like putting it out there. I have found my grove again. So here's the stats:
7/6/11 157.2 +3.6 (vacation)
7/13/11 152.6 -4.6
7/20/11 152.0 -0.6
7/27/11 151.4 -0.6
8/3/11 153.2 +1.8 (cycle approaching)
8/10/11 150.0 -3.2 (where we left off)
8/17/11 151.8 +1.8 :(
8/24/11 149.4 -2.4
8/31/11 148.8 -0.6

There. I went up. I freaked out. I realized that my physical activity was really increasing. I realized that I needed to fuel more. Yep, I lost the last 3 pounds by increasing the amount that I eat. For me, that means I continued to consume all 29 of my daily Weight Watchers points plus...but I also added 7 more points plus daily (divvying up my 49 weeklys equally). I did really well on the week ending 8/24. This week I didn't track as well. "If you really do the program, it really works. If you kind of do it, it kind of works." I feel great about my decision to increase my food intake. I was so nervous about it. It was a total leap of faith. I have say though that I'm not just eating more of just any ole thing. I'm trying to focus on eating the good stuff. Lean proteins, complex carbs, and oh my, fruits and veggies...they're free though. I have eaten SO much veggies lately. So times I wonder if I'm not becoming a vegetarian...that'll never happen! But once upon a time, a veggie was corn or potatoes to me. Now I eat raw broccoli! Maybe even crave it!

One day I decided that I don't have enough progress pics of myself. I asked my 9 year old daughter to snap one of me about 2 weeks ago.

150 pounds

On the running front. Things have been all rainbows:
Well, maybe not quite, but I did snap this picture during a 10 mile run. I could have run forever that day. Strange though, the circumstances didn't lend itself to being the perfect run. I left home and within 1/4 mile it was raining. At mile two I snapped this shot. At mile 2.5 I started seeing lightening in the distance. At mile 3.5 a car's tires splash through the rain runoff drenched me (ah, I was already wet). At mile 4, the lightening threatened to shorten my run. I booked it home (1 mile away). I was drenched. I changed my clothes, socks and shoes. Hopped on the treadmill and tallied up another 3 miles. I couldn't take the treadmill anymore. Headed outside to zigzag the neighborhood for 2 more. There was more lightening .5 mile out there. I knew I would be out there much longer. Two miles out there and I had completed my 10!!! (and I could have kept going)

This Monday, I completed a much more uneventful 12 miler. It was nice. It wasn't miserable! (but I don't think I could have kept going forever).

August was my highest milage month EVER. I ran 96 miles! I've been striving to hit 20 mile weeks all summer. I fell off short the beginning of the summer, but soon enough started finding my grove. August miles:
August 1-7 21 miles
August 8-14 22 miles
August 15-21 18 miles
August 22-28 20 miles
August 29-31 15 miles (12 miler included here)

I couldn't be more proud of the hard work I've done with my running....if only I could put that much effort and focus on my eating!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weight Watchers Weigh in Wednesday

Last week I left off with, "Next week will be better!" and it is!

7/6/11 157.2 +3.6 (vacation)
7/13/11 152.6 -4.6
7/20/11 152.0 -0.6
7/27/11 151.4 -0.6
8/3/11 153.2 +1.8 (cycle approaching)
8/10/11 150.0 -3.2

I was hoping to finally break into the 140''ll week!

This week I focused more than I have in more than a month. My running is going great. As a matter of fact I ran more miles last week (21) than I have ever run in a week. Although my WW week is Wed-Wed. My workout week is Mon-Sun. So, here's the stats:

8/1 2.34 mile run to Curves + 2 rounds of Curves + 2.33 mile run home
8/2 3.33 mile run
8/3 3 rounds Curves
8/4 8 mile run
8/5 3 rounds Curves
8/6 2.5 mile run + 20 minutes with Jillian Micheals 30 day Shred
8/7 2.5 mile run

My body is loving this 15-20 mile running weeks. I've already run 9 for this week. Four glorious miles yesterday evening. Then this morning, 2.32 to my Curves workout + 2 rounds Curves, followed by 2.31 mile run home from Curves. It's a nice challenging workout! Planning on a long run on Friday. How many? Don't know. I have no races planned but it's nice to know that I'm working up to half marathon ready.

On the eating front, I had been snacking WAY TOO MUCH...and not tracking enough of it. I decided that my activity is probably dictating the need for MORE FUEL. So instead of feeling bad about using up my weekly points and snacking aimlessly...not tracking those. I would make a mental shift and EAT MORE TO FUEL. I decided to strive for 36 points plus a day. That's my 29 daily points plus 7 of my 49 weekly every day. I'm still all over the board, but I am allowing myself to go beyond my 29. And go worked this week. I really feel like I was probably not eating enough to sustain the running I was doing. Live and learn.

So, 13 pounds to goal weight!!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weight Watchers Weigh in Wednesday

1.8 lbs gain on the scale this week. I knew it wouldn't be good (bad time of the cycle!) Next week will be better!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

a hormonal mess...

a short detour off of the healthy eating and running chit chat, because I'm a hormonal mess. It would be one thing if I was just expecting my period later this week. Yeah, that's one thing...but let's add to the top of that, why don't we?

I haven't talked about it here, but I'm an extended, er, excuse me...a child-led-weaning-breastfeeding-mama. I breastfed my twins for 2 years 8 months. I was "touched out" and gave them a gentle nudge to wean a bit earlier than they would have, had I let them choose their time. I was blessed with the surprise pregnancy of a third child. Jewel was a breastfeeding champ! Born at 40 weeks 5 days, she didn't have any of the issues that I had to deal with nursing premature (30 weeks 5 days) twins. Our nursing relationship was a smooth one. My goal was to nurse her until at least her 2nd birthday, and then for however long that we both felt necessary. (My goal with the twins was 1 year, and then 14 months when they were born prematurely.) Her second birthday came and went. She started preschool. Her 3rd birthday came and went, and still she nursed before bed.

At about 3.5 years old, things started to change for me. Part of me was ready to be done. After a few minutes of nursing on each side, I had to end the session. I felt like I was drying up. Emotionally, I wanted to be there for her, but physically it was becoming more difficult to nurse her. I went to a LaLecheLeague meeting during this time. I was surrounded mostly by nursing mothers of little babies. I, personally, knew a few mothers there. One of which, knew that I had nursed my twins and nudged them to wean. She knew that I had HUGE regrets over giving them said nudge. She very gently reminded me not to do something that I would have painful regrets over. When leaving the meeting, I started chatting to the LLL leader outside. An older lady, she was so kind and soft spoken. She shared with me that she had a very need child years ago that she nursed until age 5. And it wasn't until after weaning that she learned the extent of the food intolerances this child had. I left the meeting with a new perspective. I didn't want to have any regrets about my nursing relationship with Jewel.

Even though I didn't want any regrets, the physical uneasiness of nursing her didn't go away. In the next few months we began talking about "milkies going away". At first, no specific time frame was given. Slowly, "when I turn 4" came about. And so the story went. Would it happen before she turned 4...I didn't know...and I'm not sure it really mattered.

On July 24, Jewel decided that she wanted to sleep with her older sister. (Did I mention we're co-sleepers too?) We had been trying to get her into her room for a while too. There were several other times that she would get into bed with Layla, but once that lights were was over. She wanted "her" bed, ie mom and dad's bed. This night was different. Dad read her books. Mommy stayed away in another room thinking, "this will never work, will it?" The lights went out...and she stayed in be with Layla! They stayed up, way too late, talking. BUT she fell asleep with Layla. For the first time, without Mommy. And she didn't nurse!

It's now been 9 nights that Jewel has been out of Mommy and Daddy's bed...and 9 nights that she hasn't nursed! Six weeks shy of her 4th birthday, my baby is weaned! I'm teary-eyed just typing that. I know she was ready. I know I let her do it on her time. But knowing July 23, 2011 was the last time that I will ever breastfeed (because she is our last) is a bit heartbreaking. I've been so emotional. I want to blame it on my cycle, but my husband tells me I was this emotional when Layla and Sully weaned also. I can't believe that chapter of my life is closed.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

what happened to weigh in Wednesday?

Citywide Swim Meet
I was super busy yesterday preparing for the twins final swim meet of the season. I did make it to my Weight Watchers meeting in the morning though. I weighed in at 151.4 (a .6 pound weight loss for the week). I'll take it. What I have learned this week is that I still have alot to learn about fueling my body for long runs and recovering my body also. I hoping to see some big numbers again soon, but in a ll honesty, I'm not surprised by the small numbers I've been seeing lately. Like with any program, you get out what you put in. If you kind of do it, it kind of works. If you really do really works.
Parting words from the WW meeting

On the running front: After spending much of Tuesday in a funk, I decided to do something about it. I hopped on the treadmill for 3 miles (average pace of 10:23). Ah, that's better! Shortly after my run, the UPS man made a special delivery to me!

Aren't they pretty?

When I had my gait analyzed by the Brooks people, one Brooks professional told me that if I liked the Adrenaline, I would love the Trance. She said the Trance were the Cadillac of the Adrenaline. For perspective, the Adrenaline retail for about $100...the Trance for about $140. Problem was that Peak Performance (the store I was at) doesn't carry the Trance. What's a girl to do? My husband often times gets our shoes at Running Warehouse. I went on to running warehouse and scored last season's Trance for $75...oh, yes, I did! Sweeter??? I paid for them with gift cards that my hubby bought for 50% around the holidays. $140 shoes for $38...yes, thank you!

I haven't tried them out yet. I letting myself get used to the Adrenaline first. But they feel just like the Adrenaline...a little cushier maybe. Although, they do both weigh the same. I think they are prettier than the red Adrenaline. The Adrenaline are also too white, for my taste. I prefer that these are more grey.

Although, we had a busy day yesterday with the swim meet. When we got home after 8:00, I felt like running. It was a crazy hot day yesterday. At 8:30PM it was still 90 degrees. I didn't know what I had in me. I decided I was going to run my typical 3 mile out and back route...fairly hilly. It was feeling surprisingly good. I kept push the pace the whole time...something I haven't been able to do lately with this heat. I ended this run with an average pace of 9:46. I hadn't run that fast in a month. It was a 10k race in Wisconsin (flat!) at 8:00AM with temps in the upper 50's...perfect conditions. Yesterday's conditions were far less than perfect, but I still pulled a great pace!

Monday, July 25, 2011

longest run of the year

First off, I know it's been 3 days since I've posted my daily food intake. They haven't been great. They haven't been horrible. Yesterday, I desperately wanted a delicious salad for dinner. I knew the kids would love to go to Valentino's. It's a local pizza/Italian/grande buffet. I called ahead to be sure they still had the "salad bar " option. I knew when faced with the Grand Buffet, I would lose control. So, knowing that I paid for just the salad bar, I would easily rein it in! When we get there I review the menu. "Salad bar" is available from 11am-4pm (it's 5:30 at this point) and NOT ON SUNDAY!!! (this was sunday). We walked out. James tried to buckle Jewel into her seat. She was tired, hungry, cranky. My son was upset we weren't staying. Finally, I decided it wasn't worth the fight. We went back in. I started with the salad bar...and was really disappointed. No light dressing options, no shredded parm. After not finishing my salad portion, I decided that for over $10, I would be eating some not so good for me foods. Truth be told, it wasn't very good. We used to go to this place fairly often. Now, I found everything to be salty or tasting like it was straight from a can. I don't know how many points I ate there, but I do know that I didn't eat as much as I used to! I also stopped eating something if I didn't thoroughly enjoy it. I used to just finish it all..just because.

One of the reasons I threw caution to the wind and "Okayed" the trip to the about a 1000 calorie burn in the morning. And because of the 1000 calorie burn, my blood sugar kept crashing all day, clearly not well fueled. It made it pretty easy to agree to a buffet. So...this 1000 calorie burn, oh yeah...

I set out yesterday morning for a long run. I'm not currently training for any particular race. My plan is just to stay 10k ready. I ran a 10k four weeks ago (in 1:00:17)!!! Since then I've had a 5 miler squeezed in. I knew it was time to get in a long run again. I've been thinking about stretching it out a bit to a 7 or 8 miler. Having run for the past 3 days straight, I knew 7 was my max yesterday. I set out just before 7:30. In tow was my phone, driver's license, a few bucks all stashed in the pockets of my running skirt. I knew I'd need water. So, I carried along my handheld and stashed some sports beans in the pocket of it.

I ran the first mile in 10:40. That was my cue that this needed to be a slow, easy run. It was fairly hot, but not as hot as it has been lately. I knew I was running to a local trail for a small out and back portion on the trail before heading back and finishing off on my usual 5 mile hilly loop. But, by mile two, I knew that my legs could not handle all the hills. Day four of way! At that point, I made the decision to run more of the trail, since it is flatter, and just walk more home.

I got to the trail 2.85 miles into my run. I immediately started doing the math in my head while running. Originally I only needed less than a mile out before I turned around. The more I ran, the more I wanted to just finish the run on the trail. By mile four, I was feeling fatigued. I pulled over to the side of the trail and ate a handful of sports beans. Much better! I had a little kick finally. I ended up running out more than two miles on the trail before turning around. All right 5 down...2 to go. About a 1/4 mile later, fatigue set in AGAIN. I pulled over and finished off the last of my sport beans. Just finish this up! 7 miles in 1:16:24 (10:54 pace). Walked a few steps and decided I needed to text the hubby. Sure I just finished up 7 miles, but on the trail...I was still 2.85 miles from home! I let him know that I would be walking home. So, I would be longer than anticipated.

After texting him, I started walking. Part of me wanted to just run, after all, it is quicker! But I knew I couldn't. I didn't want to injure myself...and I didn't have the extra miles in me. I decided to just enjoy my alone time. McDonald's was less than a mile away and on my route. So, I stopped in to refill my water bottle...with LOADS of ice! Felt too freaking good. Did I mention that the back of my shirt was completely soaked with much so that it ran into my skirt...halfway down my skirt was soaked!

Bring on the hills, this route home is almost all uphill. And walking along, I knew I would be sore from it! To make the time go quicker and take my mind off of everything, I turned on the music player on my smart phone. No earbuds...just blaring my smart phone (the new boom box!) I finally made it home 49 minutes after I first started (2.83 miles...17:--pace)

I thoroughly enjoyed my 2 hours of alone time yesterday. And after the evening I had with the kids last night, I wanted more of it. I wanted to run away so bad, but I hurt too much. Today, I hurt even more. It's all good though. I don't get sore often. Sometimes, it's good to have that soreness as a reminder that I'm still a badass! But I probably should have treated myself to an ice bath yesterday. It probably would have helped some.

Today, I'm off to Curves to give myself a running break. Eating today has been less than stellar. The day isn't over...perhaps I can redeem myself.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

balancing it out

Started out my morning turning off the alarm and going back to sleep. After five days with temperatures near 100 degrees, a thunderstorm rolled through. And I just wanted to sleep through it. When I finally got out of bed, I treated my self to cold overnight oats with strawberries and blueberries topped with 1/4 c lowfat granola 7 Points+

After taking the toddler to swimming lesson, we went to the public pool only to be told the twins swim team practice was cancelled (thunder rolling in). I decided that I needed to stop by the grocery store for a couple of things for dinner. Knowing that I wasn't having the healthiest dinner, I decided that a salad was in order for lunch. 7 Points+

Hung out at home today, doing laundry and vacuuming while the kids worked on reading homework for their summer reading class. Having not worked out yesterday, I was getting really antsy and needed a sweat! Kids home, hubby working 12 hour days. Treadmill it is! Haven't run on the treadmill in a long time! I accomplished 3 miles in 30:50 (10:16 pace). After a shower, I started dinner...not much effort, just threw some Nathan hotdogs in some canned steak chili. Here's my create-your-own-hotdog. Nathan bigger than the bun beef frank, topped with steak chili, colby jack, and crispy onions on a light bun (I ended up adding crisp jalapenos and sweet chili mustard) 12 Points+ So YUMMY and worth it!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weight Watchers Weigh in Wednesday

7/20: 152.0 lbs down .6 since last week. Eh, I'll take it.

Started the day off on the wrong foot by not working out and skipping breakfast because of the weigh in. Oh no, NO OATS! By lunch I was pretty hungry. Ham and swiss sandwich with 1/3 less fat onion and chive cream cheese. 8 Points+

By 3:00 I was hungry again. Instead of grabbing some fruit, I decided I really wanted 1/2 C cereal and 1/3 C milk...and went back for seconds...hey! At least I measured!!! For a grand total of 8 Points+

The kids had a swim meet this evening. After the meet, we headed over to Qdoba. Finally! Some veggies! I had a salad with grilled chicken, their fat free picante ranch, three types of salsa and a sprinkle of cheese. 10 Points+

Uh-oh, not pictured...the chips, queso, beans and chicken I nibbled off of the kids plates. I'll give them my leftover 3 Points+

Finally, my friends, I give to you a picture of the culprit of the day. Taunting me. Calling me over, "just stick your finger right in, and scoop some out!" 5 Points+ out of my fresh weekly points of 49.

Don't be tempted to buy this...really don't...your life will never be the same!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Technical difficulties

Rolled out of bed this morning. Cracked open the patio door. Felt 3.2 seconds of hot, humid, energy sucking air. And did NOT want to go for a run. Turned around. Put on my running clothes. Headed out for my run. Same story. Different day. Different SHOES!

Yep! I took my Adrenalines out for a run. I'd love to say that they were light as a feather and made me lightening fast. But, remember, it was hot and sticky, my energy has been zapped and my legs felt like lead. I ran 3 miles in 32:54 (10:58). The slowest I've run in quite a while. Not the shoes fault! But my toes were numb at the end of 3 miles...I tied my laces too tight...who does that??? I ran out a little further, so that I could stop short to pick some fresh mulberries to throw into my oats this morning. YUM!

Having serious issues composing this post. In the end, 31 Points+ were used. GOod day!

Monday, July 18, 2011

just a day at the pool

As much as I wanted to take my new Adrenalines out for a spin, I needed to take a day off from running. Today, I hit up Curves for a 52 minute workout (4 rounds). It was nice getting my workout on in the cool A/C.

When I got back, I had my breakfast of cold overnight oats with strawberries, topped with 1/4 c Trader Joe's lowfat granola 7 Points+

My oldest daughter and I did a little bit of shopping this morning. I spent up an Old Navy Groupon. I ended up getting 2 pairs (one dk blue, one black) of skinny crop jeans for about $10 each! Being only 5'2", they aren't really crops on me. They'll be perfect in fall with some fabulous boots. Still having a hard time believing I'm a size 12! I browsed the clearance. CAme across a cute, light and airy, yellow and white checkered, buttoned down shirt. It was a Medium. I looked at it and thought there was NO WAY it was going to fit. WAY too small...but let's try it on anyway. IT FIT! and fit good, comfortable, appropriate. My mind still has not gotten used to the changes that my body has gone through. I grabbed a white, lacy cami in a Medium to wear under it, since it's a bit see thru. So, excited to be able to buy "normal" sized clothes! My daughter had a blast shopping at Justice, as usual. But I was getting hungry and the twins had swim practice.

After dropping the twins off for swim practice, I rushed home and whipped up a little lunch. Ham, turkey breast, chipotle hummus, 1/3 less fat onion and chive cream cheese on a sandwich thin and a bunch of cherries. 7 Points+ (I wish I would have had some greens on the sandwich, but we ate those all yesterday.)

After swim practice, the kids and I hit up a different pool to beat the heat for a couple of hours. We had to get my oldest daughter home to get ready for a birthday party. When we got home, it was smoothie time. 1 cup Almond milk, 1 scoop cinnamon bun whey protein, handful of frozen bananas, and nectarines that were wasting away in the fridge. 4 Points+

Dropped the oldest daughter off at a pool for a party, only to take the other two kids and a neighbor kid to yet ANOTHER pool. This time we only spent an hour there. But, it's so hot, it was nice to have that hour in the pool.

We decided that we were going to hit up the grocery store deli for dinner. The oldest daughter was having pizza and cake at the party. So, the other two could have pizza at the store. I had a piece of baked chicken breast, about 1/2 cup of spanish rice and a serving of 4 bean salad. 8 Points+

So, that would leave with me with 3 Points+ BUT what's not pictured is a nibble of chocolate chip cookie, a taste of oreo fluff, 2 tears of pizza crust and a bite of birthday cake...all from the kid's plates. So, those 3 Points+...GONE!

Still, today was a success, again. They were all really small bites...and most of...not even really good! That 4 bean salad pictured above...that was GOOD!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

That's more like it!

I had a great day today! Let's start at the beginning. I'm not the only one in this household that loves cold overnight oats. Here's what I prepared last night:

The largest bowl contains my vanilla flavored oats (big bowl for leaving room to stir in lots of fruit in the morning). The other three containers are chocolate peanut butter oats for all three kids. Yep, my children ASK for overnight oats, too. I just wish I could eat chocolate peanut butter oats everyday!

Rolled out of bed this morning for a 4 miler. It was hot and humid and sticky and my legs for heavy and I didn't want to run, but I did! 4 miles in 42:39 (10:40 pace) It was a tough run, but it was done!

Here's my actual breakfast this morning:
Overnight Oats with strawberries and 1/4 c lowfat granola 7 Points+

Lunch was a bed of baby spring mix and butter lettuce topped with shredded carrots, ham, bacon bits, hard boiled egg, parmesan cheese and light parmesan ranch dressing 6 Points+

After lunch, the kids and I headed to the local running store (Peak Performance) to catch the Brooks Cavalcade of Curiosity Run Happy Tour

The kids were interested in seeing the world's biggest shoe:

As cool as that was, I was more interested in getting my gait analyzed. On the upper level of the bus, I ran barefoot on a treadmill for about a minute. All the while a video camera captured my every move. In the end, I was told that I was a moderate overpronater. I was asked what shoe I'm currently wear. I responded the Brooks Ariel, only to be told that, "That's a little too much shoe for you." THANK YOU! They've been feeling heavy and clunky. As a matter of fact, I've been cheating on them for sometime now with Puma Itana (but they've been blistering me occasionally). He handed me my prescription suggesting that I try out Brooks Adrenaline. What's a runner to do besides march right into that store and test drive the Adrenaline??? Of course, that's what I did. And I came home with them! And two pair of socks! And a bra! (But I'm wearing it. SO, I'll spare you the picture.)

Lovely, right?

After the adventure at the running store, the kids and I headed to the pool...well, because it was over 100 degrees here today. While there I snacked on this:

Iron Girl Energy Bar 4 Points+

After the pool, we headed home for dinner. I didn't know what to cook, besides the chicken defrosting the fridge. Everyone (9 year old twins included) decided that salads sounded great. I really had to bulk this one up to catch up some points.

Baby spring mix and butter lettuce topped with 3 oz chicken breast, carrots, bacon bits, parmesan cheese, hard boiled egg and TraderJoe's light champagne vinaigrette 8 Points+

So, having 4 Points+ left for the day, Layla convinced me to bake off a few fundraiser cookies. I had one.

One reduced fat chocolate chip cookie 4 Points+

So, I'm ending the day at 29 Points +...success!

Off to make oats for the morning.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Tonight was leftover night. Yep, grab what you can kids! Clean out the fridge. Let's get rid of stuff. The kids got hungry at 4:30. We were leaving for Mass at 5:00. No biggie. All they wanted was noodles with parmesan cheese and butter...YUM! So they went ahead and had dinner. I, however, knew I didn't have enough time to prepare my dinner. So, I instead of having dinner, had a snack of mango. For the third time today, I had to share with the toddler!

I was planning on having a beautiful salad for dinner tonight. Then I realized that I had only eaten 11 of my 29 PointsPlus for the day...and a salad is usually only about 7 PointsPlus...not good! How am I going to eat 18 points before the day ends...and keep it healthy...Way to start your food blogging off, Lisa!

So, after Mass I raid the fridge!

1 cup of leftover quinoa (5 Points+)
2.5 oz leftover chicken breast (3 Points+)
Finally I combine: 1 cup frozen carrots (0 Points+)
1/2 cup black beans (2 Points+)
2 tbsp Trader Joe's Corn and Chile Salsa (1 Points+)
Quite tasty! Oh, and that glass to the right...water...with LOTS of lemon juice!

So, I've used up 22 points so far today. It's 8 PM and I have 7 Points+ left...hmm...

Food blogging to keep me honest...

Yeah, I disappeared for a while. Lots of good news to report though. I'm still running. And faster too! (Look me up on DailyMile) I'm still losing weight, too! I've continued on with Weight Watchers PointsPlus. I track online and attend meeting on Wednesday morning still. As of July 13, I've lost 36.4 lbs since the beginning of the year. I currently weigh 152.6. My total weight loss since the birth of my youngest (September 2007) is 84lbs! I cannot imagine how I was living with an extra 84 pounds on my 5'2" frame...crazy! My goal weight ( may change) is 137. I only have 15 pounds to lose to get to goal!

So, why am I back you ask? Good question. Since returning from vacation 2.5 weeks ago, I've been having a hard time being honest with my tracking. (And I really just miss blogging...I've been keeping up with reading what everyone one else has been up to). So, I've decided that I will start blogging my food, too. I'll still be talking about my running quite a bit. As well as the family and other happenings.

So, on to today's food:

Breakfast 7 PointsPlus

Overnight Cold Oats 5 PointsPlus

1/3 C Old Fashioned Rolled Oats (or mixture of other rolled cereals)
1/3 C Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk (or other milk or milk substitute)
1/4 C Nonfat Vanilla Greek Yogurt (LOVE Trader Joes!) or fruit flavored
1/2 scoop Vanilla Whey Protein (optional)
1-2 pinches Chia Seed (optional)

Stir well. Refrigerate overnight.

In the morning, toss in fresh fruit for 0 PointsPlus. I usually opt for a couple of handfuls of blueberries and sliced strawberries. But I have, in the past, been hooked on a banana/strawberry/pineapple combo. Fresh picked mulberries stirred in are to die for! Be creative! Finally, top with something crunchy, if you choose. I like 1/4 C of Trader Joes Lowfat Vanilla Granola with Almonds for an additional 2 PointsPlus. I have cold, overnight oats just about every morning. So, you'll be seeing alot of these!

The twins had a reading class today from 11:45 to 200. So I had some of this:

as a late lunch/afternoon snack. A regular sized Tropical Pineapple Smoothie from Red Mango is 6 PointsPlus. I shared one with my youngest daughter. I'm counting 4 PointsPlus for this frosty treat!

So, I currently stand at 11 PointsPlus for the day. I'm allotted 29 for the day, with an extra 49 for the week if need be/wanted.

I'll be back later with something pretty for dinner...

Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm baaaaaacccckk...

to running!!! Sorta. ;)
I have lots of catching up to do after almost 4 weeks of not much running due to a broken toe. My training schedule had me on for a 6.5 mile run today. Umm, yeah, sure! I couldn't even fathom running this morning...winter blues trying to set in. My facebook status was something like "needs 50 degree weather, sunshine and all this white stuff to be GONE...maybe then I'd feel like running 6 miles!"
The wonder twins got out of school at 1:20 today. The little one and I went to pick them up. The sun was shining, temps about 35 degrees, sidewalks look mostly clear...ah, nice. This would be perfect to run outside....except, yeah, 3 kids home and hubby working til nightfall, grrr!
That's okay! I'm "feeling it" now! I thought I might be able to survive 3 miles on the treadmill. Hopped on determined to run the first mile thru. I managed that in about 11:50. Thought I deserved a walk break. After a quick break, I ran thru to mile two. NICE! Let's go for three. Getting tougher, so let's resume a nice run/walk/run pattern. Three miles done in 38:30. Okay, not too shabby considering the walk breaks.
I'm feeling okay...think I ought to walk just one more mile. Fine, that's what I'll do. So, I start walking. "You know, Lisa, walking just takes f o r e v e r." "Yes, I know." "Just run!" "Fine with walk breaks." "Here, run thru this chorus!" "Yeah, that sounds good." And so, I continued. Four miles done in 54:35.
"I don't feel quite done." "So walk a bit more." "Okay, I'll walk." "You know, Lisa, walking is just so sloooowww." "Yes, I know." "So, run thru this chorus." "Fine!" Finally at about 4.88 my legs started feeling pretty heavy. "RUN, finish this up already!!!" Five miles in 68:28. Not breaking any records, but my golly...I FEEL GOOD!
No Weight Watchers weigh in this week. I usually go in on Wednesdays. All three kids were home for a snow day. So, I missed. I don't want to go on a different day. SO, I'm hoping for a HUGE number next Wednesday to account for 2 weeks of weight lost. We shall see...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

the things kids say...

I'm a HUGE Jewel know...Jewel (Kilcher). We played her Joy: A Holiday Collection cd upstairs throughout the Christmas season. I've been missing listening to music while I cook/clean. So, I finally hunted down some non-Christmas cds to start playing again. I popped in an Eagles cd yesterday. Today, while doing dishes, I turned the cd on. Jewel (age 3, my youngest daughter...yes, that's really her name...I told you I'm a HUGE fan!) looked at me a said, "Not that one!" I replied, "You don't want that music?" She informed me, "No, I want MY cd!" Yeah, my child thinks she has her own music cd!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weight Watchers Weigh-in Wednesday

Wednesday happens to be the start of my week, as far as Weight Watchers is concerned. Considering I usually go to meetings on Wednesday mornings, I decided to post my progress here on my blog on Wednesdays also:

1/5/11: 189.4 OUCH!
1/12/11: 188.0 -1.4
1/19/11: 184.8 -3.2
1/26/11: 182.4 -2.4

Down 7 pounds since the beginning of the year! I'll take it. Just .6 away from where I was before Christmas. My goal for next week is 3.4 lbs.