Thursday, July 22, 2010

3 hot miles!

I woke up later than I should have for a 3 mile run today. I guess I'm not acclimated to the heat yet. It was hot, sunny, windy and humid. I was feeling less than great even before the one mile mark. I stopped for a breather two or three times even before hitting two miles. I walked the first quarter of mile 3, ran half a mile and finished off by walking the last quarter. I was drenched! I didn't know my arms and legs could sweat so much! My time was 36:43.

Mile 1 - 11:06
Mile 2 - 11:20
Mile 3 - 14:19

I'm not completely happy about his run, but I guess not every run can be great. Something I must contemplate is if I work on getting acclimated to the heat or just keep getting up early to run in slightly cooler weather...

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