Tuesday, July 27, 2010

9.5 miles on tap today...

and I did 10!

The inlaws are visiting from out of town this week. So James and I woke up at 5am and left everyone to enjoy more zzz's. We had a bit of breakfast and water. We headed out the door about 5:20. About 50 steps out the door, I looked at James and said, "It's already muggy!". "Yep, the temp is 76," he replied.

I wanted to drive to the lake and run the trail there 3 times. James, however, wanted to run "the five mile loop" near our house 2 times. And he chose to run it in the most unforgiving route...ie, LOTS of uphill. I think he must of wanted to torture me today. That lake run probably would have been soooo much easier. That said, I know that a good, hard, run will pay off soon enough.

It was a hard run! It started off okay...slower than normal...but I knew it would be considering how muggy it was. For the first 6 miles I had small side stitchs every 1.1 miles. That's never happened to me before. By mile 5, I was struggling. I knew we would pass McDonald's at about mile 6. I informed James that when we got to McD's we were going to take a breather. That was a mini reward I was going to allow myself for pushing thru my struggles. Right before McD's we spotted:
Kinda hard to see here, but it was two turkey hens and about 8 chicks. So cool! They ended up flying away from us up into the the trees. At 5.98 miles we stopped at McD's. I filled up my water bottle with ice, used the facilities, stretched a bit and was off again.

About mile 7.5/8 my left hip and right knee started to hurt. As many times as I wanted to quit, I knew if I did I would be disappointed. It was a hard one. I did stop for a few seconds of breathers a few times. I did walk a few times, but I was not quitting!!! I was going to get my mileage in! And that's what I did. It wasn't pretty. It certainly wasn't fast...not even for my standards...BUT, it was done! And that is all that matters right now.

The ugly stats:

7/27/10 5:31AM 10 miles 2:06:41 (12:37 average pace)

Mile 1 - 12:03
Mile 2 - 11:53
Mile 3 - 12:26
Mile 4 - 12:31
Mile 5 - 13:09
Mile 6 - 12:36
Mile 7 - 12:40
Mile 8 - 12:34
Mile 9 - 13:33
Mile 10 - 12:43

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  1. Wow I was out there this morning doing my Wk1day2 workout, lol, and it was MUGGY. I give you all the props in the world running ten miles in that crap. Think if you can make it through on a day like today, your half marathon will be nothing in comparison! Keep posting! It keeps me motivated.