Wednesday, July 14, 2010

athletes train...

I have never been an athlete. I played no organized sports as a child. I wanted to run track in high school, but I never even asked my parents for the opportunity.

Fast forward a couple of decades, I find myself training for a half marathon. Every time I find myself telling someone I'll be running the Omaha Half Marathon and talking about training, I almost cringe slightly. I think to myself, "Athletes train...and I certainly don't seem or look like an athlete." It's a very strange feeling. Now granted in the last year, I've become more active than I've ever been in my life. I'm now at a point that if I go too many days without exercise, my body (and mind) are just "off". I find myself thinking that I need a run or a good Curves workout...even if I'm injured or ill. I guess for now I just need to get past all the mental play in my head and just do what I need to do!

Yesterday, I ran 3 4 p.m... in 90 degree weather! What was I thinking!!!???

I'm pretty sure I could have done better on the treadmill. You know the one that I hate! It was a hard run. I wanted to give up. I wanted to cut it short. But I didn't! I "ran" it in a pathetic 35:08. I guess I forgot where I was at the end of my run. I was expecting to have to run all the way to the corner of a street. I looked down at the Garmin about 100 yards shy of the corner to find that Garmin read 3.00 miles. Outloud I asked myself, "That's 3 miles?". I started to walk up our street only to find my twins in their swimsuits frolicking with the neighbor kids in a sprinkler. YES! I took off my socks, shoes and Garmin and hopped right in! Man, did that feel good!

Today is a Curves day. Tomorrow another 3 miler...which I'll be getting up early to do (pretty sure it's suppose to be hot again).

Final thought...are these not the cutest running shoes you've ever seen?

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