Monday, July 12, 2010

cross training

Sure running is great. Great for burning tons of calories. Great for destressing. Great for your overall health. Still most runners tend to do some cross training. I've been a member of Curves for 6 years now. So, that's my usual cross training. It, like running, is quick and efficient. It includes strength training, which is key for raising metabolism. An average Curves workout takes about 30 minutes to complete. The club I go to has 13 machines. You do each machine for 30 seconds. Then you are prompted to move to a "rest station" for 30 seconds (walk in place, jog in place, jumping jacks...your choice). You'll work each machine two times. So, two rounds actually takes closer to 26 minutes. With 13 machines you get a nice full body workout. The routine is finished off by some nice stretching. I rarely only do 2 rounds at Curves anymore. My standard is at least 36 machines anymore (as opposed to the 26 recommended). So, although I was slightly sore today from my 8 miler yesterday, I did my cross training at Curves today. I contemplated not going. I told James, "If I don't go, I'll probably regret it. If I go, I probably won't regret it." To which he responded, "Yes, Honey, you say that 90% of the time (when you don't really want to go)." So, I went. And yes, I'm glad I did.

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  1. how much is curves? just curious? And do you feel like you get an awesome workout or just an ok workout? The idea sounds awesome!