Sunday, July 11, 2010

Eight miles of awesome?


Sure, why not!

After a late start due to thunderstorms, I finally arrived at the lake about 9:10. It was still drizzling, so, I decided to wear James' running cap to keep the rain out my eyes. I also concluded that I'd be fine without my Quickdraw water bottle for the first lap (which I estimated to be about 3.7 miles). After a smidge more of lip balm, a few sips of water and a quick selection of music (Shinedown Sound of Madness), I was off.

I always start off too fast, hence wear out too soon. I forced myself to take the first mile slower than I normally do. Afterall, the goal today is to log 8 miles...that's it!

Within .5 miles I felt a tightness in the front of my left calf. I kept trudging along. By 2.5 miles, I noticed it was gone...phew! Knowing my first lap would likely be under 4 miles, I ran out a bit extra on a side portion of the trail out to another parking lot to add a little extra distance. Up a few inclines (one really good hill), along the side of the road (this was hard to run on...muddy, a bit slippery, not level, some uneven gravel), I finally found myself back at James' truck. 4.33 miles down! More than halfway done! And I actually felt great! See:
Since it had stopped drizzling a loooong time ago (probably before I got to 1 mile), I decided to swap out James' cap for my Bondiband and sunglasses. I ate a pack of Luna Sport Moons. Sipped some water. Slathered on more lip balm. I decided I could make it through the next lap with out more water. I left the water bottle behind again. And just like that, I was off.
Maybe I should not have stopped after my first lap. Afterall, I was feeling soooooo good. It was really hard for my to find my comfort zone again after the pause. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure I ever did. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad. It just wasn't as good as it had been before. Very soon after resuming my run, I started to feel a soreness in upper hamstring (was feeling this on Friday after running 5 miles on Thursday). This tightness would stay with me for the rest of the run.
On this lap, I decided not to add that extra distance running out to the parking lot. I should have! It was a nice flat fast straight-a-way that would have prevented me from finishing my run along the side of the road in those treacherous conditions. By mile 6.5, I had to start digging deep. Up to this point, I didn't have to encourage myself or start chanting any mantras. Strangely enough, I can't remember what I started chanting to myself. I said the same three words over and over as my feet struck the ground for the next 100 yards or so. And just that quickly, I didn't need those words any longer. What I needed for the next several 100 yards was "You got this!" "You are strong!" It got me through it!
The sun decided to make an appearance sometime between mile 6.75 and 7. It was a very unwelcomed appearance! But I kept going, up inclines, that nice big hill again, and finally a portion of the treacherous side of the road. I finished my 8 miler about .10-.15 mile before reaching James' truck parked in the parking lot. Sure was glad to be done:

It was actually a pretty good run.

I stopped once for refueling, but I ran the entire distance. That's something I can't say about my 10k (6.2 miles) two weeks ago. During that run, I walked up several inclines/hills. And my pace was much better today (obviously). My 10k average pace was 12:08.

Today's stats:
8 miles Time 1:33:38 Average pace 11:42

Here are my splits:
11:39 Mile 1
11:33 Mile 2
11:27 Mile 3
11:38 Mile 4
12:07 Mile 5
11:32 Mile 6
11:38 Mile 7
12:03 Mile 8

Mile 5 and 8 included that last big hill and the side of the road running, hence the slower time. I'm happy to see that other than those two miles, my splits are pretty consistent. About 11:30 pace. Yes, I know I'm slow. That's okay...I'm doing it!

I did a little bit of stretching while my ankle was nice and moist:
Slipped on some flipflops:

And contemplated my post-run snack.

I've been hearing alot about chocolate milk for recovery.

I thought I'd stop by the convenient store and pick some up, instead of having my Soyjoy. The store I stopped by didn't have alot of options. They had alot of "Milkshakes", NesQuik, and that sort. The chocolate milk they did have was 2 servings. Let's face it...I WILL drink the entire bottle. After looking at the carbs, calories and sugars, I opted for this instead:
It was pretty good, but maybe I will look into the chocolate milk theory more...

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  1. Dang, GIRL! You did great!! I'm so impressed. You're an inspiration! I'd love to run with you some time!!! :) WAY TO GO!