Saturday, July 10, 2010

Long run lists...

Running is such an easy sport. Just lace up your ole sneakers and go, right? Not so fast! I'll be heading out on an 8 miler tomorrow morning. It's my longest run yet (by 1.8 miles!). I haven't done a whole lot of "long" runs, but with a little experience and a few tippers from my husband (whose done much more long runs than me), I've learned what makes a long run alot more tolerable, er comfortable. In an effort not to be too anxious in the morning before leaving, I decided to compile a list. THE list turned into 5 separate lists!

Now presenting...

Lisa's Lists for a Long Run

To wear: (for tomorrow anyway)
White Nike tech shirt
ankle socks (hate ankle socks, usually wear no show, but currently sporting a huge scrape on the top of my foot/ankle area)

To run with:
Garmin (on left wrist)
IPOD touch (tucked into pocket on my skirt's compression shorts)
Nathan Quickdraw Plus water bottle strapped to right hand (loaded with the following 3 items)
van key

To keep in the van: (I'll be driving to the lake tomorrow to run)
extra water bottle
post run snack (probably SoyJoy tomorrow)
Flipflops (so I can start airing out my scraped up ankle immediately afterwards)

Extra considerations:
Nasal saline spray
No stick pad XL Bandaid (for the scraped up ankle!)
one other unmentionable that I'll spare the details on!

The night before:
Charge Garmin
Charge IPOD
Lay all above stuff out
Plan out breakfast/pre-run snack

There you have it. Seems like a lot, but really it's not as bad (or as much) as it looks like all typed out.

Oh, forgot, set alarm for a ridiculously early time (for me)!

Here's hoping for an amazing 8 mile run in tomorrow morning!


  1. you're doing awesome, Lisa! Good luck tomorrow. I was going to ask you if I could come but it sounds like you're going early (which I can't do) and you may prefer to run by yourself AND the most I've ever run is 5 miles! You'll do great tomorrow! :)

  2. Thanks Keeley! I would love company for a long run, but I know that you run a lot faster than me too...