Thursday, August 26, 2010

Let's ride!

isn't she beautiful!

Yesterday, Sully had 1.5 hours of soccer practice. Since James was home, he packed up his bike along with mine and Layla's and the bike trailer. The plan was James was going to have a leisurely cruise with Layla and Jewel, while I pounded out as many miles as I could. I haven't ridden much this year. So, I had no idea what I would pull off. I decided I would ride as far as I could in 30-40 minutes. Then turn around and head back.
The weather was gorgeous. I started off behind hubby and kids. That didn't last long. The first shot I got, I zipped past them. I have never ridden with the Garmin. So, I had no idea what to expect as far as my pace. Shortly after passing the family, I looked down at the Garmin and noticed like 17-mph. I thought, "Wow, that seems pretty fast. I don't think I'll be able to maintain that. Slow down a little." The trail was really busy. Tons of bikers, runners and walker of all shapes and sizes. So awesome seeing so many people out and getting healthy! About 3 miles in I passed a BUNCH (tons) of ladies running. ah, yes the local ladies running club meeting on their run that starts at the local running store, which happens to be just off of the trail. Can I just say that I was sooooooo jealous of all the runners? I saw some cute skirted lady runners and a woman wearing "barefoot running shoes"...too cool. And sure it's cool to watch speedy runners with perfect form, but it's so inspiring to see "regular" looking people pounding the pavement. Though I must admit I cringe to see runners out there in denim. Hey, if you're comfortable...but I just don't understand how. The miles flew by. Finally at mile 8, 33 minutes in to my ride, I decided it was time to turn around. About half way through my return trip, I started "feelin it". Go faster! Just go faster! I was ready to near the end. And just like that I was done! 16 miles in 1 hour 10 minutes average speed 13.7 mph. Pretty happy with my performance!
I missed quite the excitement with James, Layla and Jewel. They made it out about 2 miles and Layla got a flat tire! Poor girl had to push her bike the whole way back! AND it wasn't until AFTER they passed the gas station that she informed James that she had to go to the bathroom. AND for some reason the City has removed all of the port-a-potties off of the trail. GREAT! So, James asks for me keys for the van so he can bring her to the nearest restroom. Well, wait honey. There's a potty in the van. She can use that. And that's what happened. Tomorrow we get to visit the bike shop to repair poor Layla's tire (James found the weirdest like wood chip in her tire, that looked just like a tack).

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