Thursday, August 26, 2010

My first virtual race...sorta

Almost four weeks ago I committed to run 4 miles in MCM Mama's Mama Goes Master's Virtual race in honor of Mama turning 40 on August 25th. Well, 4 weeks ago I didn't know I would be sidelined with a tear in a calf muscle. Not one to back out completely of a commitment, I decided to go for a 2.5 (in honor of her August "25"th birthday) mile walk. Since we were in dire need of groceries, a walk to the grocery store that happens to be 1.25 miles away seemed the way to go. After dropping the wonder twins off at school on Tuesday the 24th, I loaded Jewel in the bike trailer/stroller, grabbed water for both the munchkin and I, and we were off.
Taking this seriously, I wore my Garmin. At almost .5 miles in to our walk, a couple of super cute kiddies with backpacks on, walking to school pulled along side us. I was trying to keep a good walking pace with my short, stubby legs. Which means that the cute kiddies were running to keep up along side me. It was so
cute! And it made me feel like I was actually racing. I was hoping they'd stick with me until the school (about 1/2 way to the grocery store). Unfortunately, their dad called them to drop back. So our race was over. :( Right in front of the school their is a short, but rather steep hill. On the "out", it's a down hill. So, trying to keep control of the stroller meant tilting it backward a bit. Jewel kept yelling at me, "That's not fair!" She didn't like cruising downhill leaning backward at all! Another quarter mile and we reached our destination.
I left the Garmin on. It kept cutting in and out, but mostly out! Jewel had decided to not eat much breakfast earlier. So, first things first, I headed to the deli. Breakfast was still being served. Jewel loves breakfast sausage. So I bought her two sausage a la carte. She scarfed those down while I gathered all our groceries. The stroller was completely overflowing, and I was worried that after they were bagged that they wouldn't all fit back in the stroller. We paid for our groceries and repacked the stroller with all $100 of food.
Before leaving, Jewel informed me that once again she was hungry. So, I grabbed her the first thing I could...a pack of powdered donuts...bad mommy! With that we headed home, while Jewel enjoyed her donuts.
I had to tackle the short, but very steep uphill pushing, oh, probably 90 pounds. The rest of the walk was pretty uneventful. I still felt a small twinge in my right calf walking uphill. Upon returning home, Jewel informed me that she couldn't get out of the stroller. I usually just put the brake on, unbuckle her, and she hops out on her own. I said, "Why can't you get out?" So, I grabbed her, hoisted her out, and the stroller tilts back under the weight of the groceries. No wonder the poor kid couldn't get out! All that was left to do, was unpack groceries.

So my 2.5 mile walk was complete in 42:07 (not counting actual shopping time) with an average pace of 16:52.

This is not at all what I imagined my first virtual race would be like. I apologize to MCM Mama for not being able to complete what I committed to. I hope to soon be running again!

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