Friday, August 20, 2010

one sad runner...

resisting, with every fiber in my body, reviewing the Omaha Running Club's calendar

I had several races in mind in which I wanted to participate in, but until my calf is completely healed, I will not let myself register for any races. BooHoo! Will I get the opportunity to race in Peak to Peak?

Since I'm sidelined, yesterday I decided to do the Windsor pilates DVD. I did both the basics and the 20 minute workout. I have to say I didn't find it that challenging. Perhaps my form is horrible. I could not perform the very last exercise, at all, but I had no difficulty in the rest of it. I have the slightest bit of soreness in my lower abdomen today.

We're off to the zoo this afternoon, although there is a chance of severe storms. Perhaps this evening I'll come up with a good workout. Saturday morning I'll head to Curves and do everything that doesn't aggravate the calf.

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