Thursday, September 16, 2010

reunited and it feels so???

Yesterday, I decided that it was time to go for a run. I've not run more than one mile continuously in over four weeks. Jewel had preschool on Wednesday morning. I would normally do Bikram yoga or Curves while she is at preschool, but on Tuesday night I decided I would squeeze in a run. My plan was to shoot for 5, but in my dreams I wanted 10!

Jewel was late to wake on Wednesday morning (we're dealing with allergies at the moment). I had to get Layla and Sully to school. So, she had no choice but to get up. I told her we would get her dressed for preschool. She informed me that she didn't want to go to preschool. My first thought was, "Great...what about my run!" We got her dressed. Got the wonder twins to school. We get back home and she is still telling me that she doesn't want to go to preschool. I tell her, "Well let's just have some breakfast." She had some breakfast while I got my water bottles, Nuun, sport beans, and what nots ready. After she finished her breakfast, I asked her if she wanted to go to preschool. She said YES! PHEW!

I get her to preschool. Although I can tell she's not as excited as usual to be there, she seems fine. I go out to the parking lot. Get my Ipod, phone and keys situated. Grab my handheld water bottle, and start running.

The area that the preschool is in, is particularly hilly. I run out to the main road and head north. A short time later, I pass the wonder twins school. And before I know it, I've run 3 or 4 hills and have logged 2 miles! Here I started to feel a slight twinge in my right calf, but not enough to stop me...just enough for me to make note of it. My original plan was to turn around and go back to the preschool. Having never run this route before, I realized that was too short. So, I then decided to make a loop. I continued on (another 4-5 hills along the way!) making a big loop, ending at about 4.7 miles at the preschool. I wanted a nice round number. So, I ran passed the preschool (halfway up ANOTHER hill) to log another .3 miles. I stopped. Studied my Garmin for a minute. And decided that I wanted to do a 10k. I didn't want to finish the hill I was currently climbing. So, I turned around, headed back toward the preschool. Soon after I passed the preschool, I realized that I was really tired. Why does this seem so hard? This is flat, isn't it? Why am I barely moving? Why so slllooooowww? Argh! This is a false flat! Are you kidding me? No way! Look ahead...this false flat...turns into ANOTHER hill! Seriously?!!! Made it to the top. Turned around and headed back to the preschool. 6.2 miles done! 1:16:09 (12:17 pace) Even slower than the 10k I raced in at the beginning of the summer. But still ecstatic to have run!

I've lost some of my endurance over the last four weeks of not running. I'm still not sure how I will fare in the half (9 days away!). I may have to walk some of it...and I'm a very slow walker!

My calf feels okay today. My quads are quite sore. Strange that walking downstairs is always harder on the quads after doing hills.

Oh, and Jewel...she had a really rough day at preschool. Mommy feels a bit guilty about that. It's not preschool, her teachers, or the environment. She's just not feeling 100%. Here's hoping the allergies take a hike soon...

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