Friday, November 19, 2010

Slowly getting back at it...

It felt great to run 3 miles today. Jewel(3) is taking a little gymnastics class at a local community center. The class is held in a gymnasium (basketball court). Above the basketball court is a short track. 14 laps = 1 mile YEAH...that's alot of laps! But, hey, I squeezed in a run! Wahoo!
I also ran there last Saturday while Layla was in volleyball camp there. Squeezed in 3 miles in the form of run/walk. There's also a fitness room upstair with treadmills, elliptical machines, bikes, free weights. So, on Saturday I also did 40 minutes of bike. I think I squeezed in 9.5 miles on the bikes...not too shabby. Tomorrow during Layla's volleyball camp, I will be participating in my first spin class there. Hope I can hang!
Now on to food...I joined Weight Watchers on Wednesday. I'm not sure it was the right decision for me. BUT I need something through the holidays. I'm going to re-evaluate after the New Year. My issues with it are: #1 It seems to be more of a program that bases alot off of fat content...and I'm not afraid of fat. #2 I'm afraid of carbs...not really, but carbs are NOT my friend. #3 Not enough control. Sure I'm counting points. BUT what I'm used to is tracking calories, fat, carbs, fiber AND protein...but, that's only WHEN I'm dieting. That is also my downfall, though. I get too caught up in numbers and burn out quickly. So, much to take in...not sure what the right decision is.

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