Saturday, November 20, 2010

Survived my first spin class...


I tried a spin class at a local community canter this morning while Layla was in volleyball camp. Sully decided to tag along and shoot some hoops. It's so nice knowing that we were all getting in some physical activity. Anyway, the spin class was tougher than I though. Sure, I did 40 minutes of bike last week, but I chose to do a nice consistent resistance. I started this class using very liberal resistance. Within 20 minutes (tackling serious hills!), my legs were jello. I commented that I felt like I was pedaling through pudding. Five minutes later, my knees were shaking. The instructor decided it was time to head home. The hills were done. Keep pedaling. Take out alot of resistance. Flat steady pace home. Good thing I was the only participant. We finished up with a few laps around the indoor track. We ran a few, but couldn't keep up the pace and talk. So, we ended up walking 15 minutes or so.

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