Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What month is it?

Uh, wow! October came and went. You'd think that I dropped off the face of the Earth. I haven't been running. Truth is I didn't work out at all for 2 weeks (I made a comeback yesterday at Curves). My eating has been horrible, and I'm up 15 lbs from my normal plump weight of 170. Yup, you read that right...I'm weighing in at 185 right now. (and I can't believe I going to put this out there on the web!)

I've given myself a new goal. I hope it's realistic. I want to weigh 135 for my 35th birthday on April 13, 2011. I'm due for a new driver's license, and want to see a drastic change in my old to new licenses. I weighed 220 lbs for my last one...so, yeah, it'll be a big difference!

So, big changes to come for me. I plan to get back to drinking plenty of water with lots of lemon juice. Breakfast needs to be steel cut oats again. Clean lunch and dinner with lean proteins, loads of veggies and a small amount of grain. Fresh fruits for snacks should fit the bill too!

Exercise isn't usually a problem for me. I kill it...except when I'm sick. I'll be doing Curves still. I have a few new DVDs to try at home. I'll be working on building my milage back up with running. I may even try out a few new classes at a local community center.

So, here goes...let's see that scale go down again


  1. Good luck with your goal. I'm sure if you stay on top of the eating and exercise, you can totally hit it!