Saturday, January 22, 2011

clippity clopping along...

I've been tracking WW PointsPlus and attending meetings now for the past 2.5-3 weeks. I've also been getting some GREAT workouts the tune of 72 activity points (despite the broken toe!)!! And guess what??? I FEEL GREAT!!! Imagine that right. By Wednesday, all of my holiday weight should be gone (3 more pounds). But I still have so much more to go. I've realized that it would take an absolute miracle for me to hit my "135 by 35" goal. That's okay. It's still a tall order, but I'm shooting for 150 by April 13. For reference, I was 184.8 at WW on Wednesday. So 35 pounds in 12'll be tough...but it's do-able.

After breaking my toe, I took two days off (sulking). I then realized that I could hit the local community center up and use their stationary bikes. I did recumbent the first day (13.1 miles in 60 minutes) and regular stationary bike the next (8.1 in 35 minutes). Quickly getting bored with cycling, I soon started on the elliptical. I've been getting good 5-6 mile workouts (63-78 minutes) in hoping that when I'm ready to run again, those workouts will translate well for my endurance. Let's hope!

I love sweet sandwich peppers! I've been enjoying them on sandwiches and wraps lately. Until I realized that the second ingredient was high fructose corn syrup! Yuck! So, I set off on a quest to find a recipe to make my own. This week I picked up all my ingredients at the grocery store. The peppers I bought were sooooo pretty! Finally, today, I decided I better get busy before my peppers turned ugly. So super easy! I used double all the liquids. There just wasn't enough liquid for all those peppers. I also cooked the peppers for 4 minutes, instead of the 2-3 it called for. The result...I really like them. They are not as sweet as the store bought ones. They are also more tangy (because of the apple cider vinegar)...but they are good. And SOOOoooo pretty! Don't you think?


  1. OH I LOVE pretty food. I really do, crazy about colorful foods.

    Go you on WW, over coming a broken toe, etc. That is an amazing goal. I would love to be 130something by 35. For that matter, why am I stopping myself? I have 4 months and people like you to to inspire me.

  2. Great job on the weight loss!
    It is SO funny to me how different ellipticals are! On mine, I got 5-6 miles in 1/2 that time (about 30min for 6 miles), my friends elliptical takes her 6miles in only 26 minutes! How weird! I am sure all the cardio will really help when you start pounding the pavement again =)
    How did you break your toe?

  3. Anna, dropped a jar of salsa on it! SO stupid!

  4. We're pretty similar. I started WW last year at the beginning of the year, at 184.3....and my goal was 150. I stalled out at 160, and have been there ever since.

    (although, I stopped going to WW, so the stall makes sense) :-)

    You can totally do 150 by 04/13!!! Good luck!