Monday, January 10, 2011

It's always something...

On Monday, January 3, I finally decided to print out my 2011 Half Marathon Training Plan. My first run was to be on Tuesday. I skipped it. UGH! Next run up was Thursday. Enough putting off. I went to a Weight Watchers meeting on Wednesday and was ready to roll. Thursday, I hopped on the treadmill for my first run of 2011. My conservative training schedule has me running 30 minutes on Tuesday and Thursday. I very quickly realized how much more out of shape I am now than this summer. I managed to run/walk/run 2.3 miles. Fine! It's done! Sunday brought around my first "long" run of the year. 3 miles. Okay. It's very cold and snowy...treadmill it is! I manage to run the whole first mile (something I could not manage on Thursday)! I still did the run/walk/run approach. I'm having a tough time ignoring time/pace, but I know right now (until I get in better shape) I need to just get the miles in. So, in the end, on Sunday, I manage 3 miles in 39:04. Okay. Done! Yes! Bring on next week!

A few hours after my Sunday treadmill run, I head upstairs to cook dinner for my crew. I'm busy rummaging around the back of the pantry looking for a seasoning packet and a glass jar of salsa falls on my toe. Ouch! OWwwww! That hurt! Within seconds it's turning blue. It becomes apparent fairly quickly that it's broken. Here's what it looks like now (24 hours later):

I'm pissed! I don't want to lose another (possible) 2 weeks of training. But what do you do? I'll get back at soon as I can. In the meantime, I have to watch my eating and be sure I honestly track points!


  1. Man! That sucks!!
    You can get in a semi-squat and do cross over punches. That is great for people who can't have impact and it still gets your heart pumping!

  2. Oh no!!!! Those jars of salsa are evil...evil I tell ya!!!!!!!