Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm baaaaaacccckk...

to running!!! Sorta. ;)
I have lots of catching up to do after almost 4 weeks of not much running due to a broken toe. My training schedule had me on for a 6.5 mile run today. Umm, yeah, sure! I couldn't even fathom running this morning...winter blues trying to set in. My facebook status was something like "needs 50 degree weather, sunshine and all this white stuff to be GONE...maybe then I'd feel like running 6 miles!"
The wonder twins got out of school at 1:20 today. The little one and I went to pick them up. The sun was shining, temps about 35 degrees, sidewalks look mostly clear...ah, nice. This would be perfect to run outside....except, yeah, 3 kids home and hubby working til nightfall, grrr!
That's okay! I'm "feeling it" now! I thought I might be able to survive 3 miles on the treadmill. Hopped on determined to run the first mile thru. I managed that in about 11:50. Thought I deserved a walk break. After a quick break, I ran thru to mile two. NICE! Let's go for three. Getting tougher, so let's resume a nice run/walk/run pattern. Three miles done in 38:30. Okay, not too shabby considering the walk breaks.
I'm feeling okay...think I ought to walk just one more mile. Fine, that's what I'll do. So, I start walking. "You know, Lisa, walking just takes f o r e v e r." "Yes, I know." "Just run!" "Fine with walk breaks." "Here, run thru this chorus!" "Yeah, that sounds good." And so, I continued. Four miles done in 54:35.
"I don't feel quite done." "So walk a bit more." "Okay, I'll walk." "You know, Lisa, walking is just so sloooowww." "Yes, I know." "So, run thru this chorus." "Fine!" Finally at about 4.88 my legs started feeling pretty heavy. "RUN, finish this up already!!!" Five miles in 68:28. Not breaking any records, but my golly...I FEEL GOOD!
No Weight Watchers weigh in this week. I usually go in on Wednesdays. All three kids were home for a snow day. So, I missed. I don't want to go on a different day. SO, I'm hoping for a HUGE number next Wednesday to account for 2 weeks of weight lost. We shall see...


  1. That's awesome!!! I need to work on increasing my distance.

    Way to go. I am always stuck on the treadmill b/c two kids at home and husband home after dark!!! But, I've learned to adapt. I record my shows and watch them while I run.

    Have a good day!

  2. HI,
    You left a message on my blog about Athleta swimsuits. Do they fit true to size?
    How tall are you? What do you weigh? What size did you order?

    I just want to be sure...before I fork out the moolah!