Monday, July 18, 2011

just a day at the pool

As much as I wanted to take my new Adrenalines out for a spin, I needed to take a day off from running. Today, I hit up Curves for a 52 minute workout (4 rounds). It was nice getting my workout on in the cool A/C.

When I got back, I had my breakfast of cold overnight oats with strawberries, topped with 1/4 c Trader Joe's lowfat granola 7 Points+

My oldest daughter and I did a little bit of shopping this morning. I spent up an Old Navy Groupon. I ended up getting 2 pairs (one dk blue, one black) of skinny crop jeans for about $10 each! Being only 5'2", they aren't really crops on me. They'll be perfect in fall with some fabulous boots. Still having a hard time believing I'm a size 12! I browsed the clearance. CAme across a cute, light and airy, yellow and white checkered, buttoned down shirt. It was a Medium. I looked at it and thought there was NO WAY it was going to fit. WAY too small...but let's try it on anyway. IT FIT! and fit good, comfortable, appropriate. My mind still has not gotten used to the changes that my body has gone through. I grabbed a white, lacy cami in a Medium to wear under it, since it's a bit see thru. So, excited to be able to buy "normal" sized clothes! My daughter had a blast shopping at Justice, as usual. But I was getting hungry and the twins had swim practice.

After dropping the twins off for swim practice, I rushed home and whipped up a little lunch. Ham, turkey breast, chipotle hummus, 1/3 less fat onion and chive cream cheese on a sandwich thin and a bunch of cherries. 7 Points+ (I wish I would have had some greens on the sandwich, but we ate those all yesterday.)

After swim practice, the kids and I hit up a different pool to beat the heat for a couple of hours. We had to get my oldest daughter home to get ready for a birthday party. When we got home, it was smoothie time. 1 cup Almond milk, 1 scoop cinnamon bun whey protein, handful of frozen bananas, and nectarines that were wasting away in the fridge. 4 Points+

Dropped the oldest daughter off at a pool for a party, only to take the other two kids and a neighbor kid to yet ANOTHER pool. This time we only spent an hour there. But, it's so hot, it was nice to have that hour in the pool.

We decided that we were going to hit up the grocery store deli for dinner. The oldest daughter was having pizza and cake at the party. So, the other two could have pizza at the store. I had a piece of baked chicken breast, about 1/2 cup of spanish rice and a serving of 4 bean salad. 8 Points+

So, that would leave with me with 3 Points+ BUT what's not pictured is a nibble of chocolate chip cookie, a taste of oreo fluff, 2 tears of pizza crust and a bite of birthday cake...all from the kid's plates. So, those 3 Points+...GONE!

Still, today was a success, again. They were all really small bites...and most of...not even really good! That 4 bean salad pictured above...that was GOOD!

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