Saturday, July 16, 2011


Tonight was leftover night. Yep, grab what you can kids! Clean out the fridge. Let's get rid of stuff. The kids got hungry at 4:30. We were leaving for Mass at 5:00. No biggie. All they wanted was noodles with parmesan cheese and butter...YUM! So they went ahead and had dinner. I, however, knew I didn't have enough time to prepare my dinner. So, I instead of having dinner, had a snack of mango. For the third time today, I had to share with the toddler!

I was planning on having a beautiful salad for dinner tonight. Then I realized that I had only eaten 11 of my 29 PointsPlus for the day...and a salad is usually only about 7 PointsPlus...not good! How am I going to eat 18 points before the day ends...and keep it healthy...Way to start your food blogging off, Lisa!

So, after Mass I raid the fridge!

1 cup of leftover quinoa (5 Points+)
2.5 oz leftover chicken breast (3 Points+)
Finally I combine: 1 cup frozen carrots (0 Points+)
1/2 cup black beans (2 Points+)
2 tbsp Trader Joe's Corn and Chile Salsa (1 Points+)
Quite tasty! Oh, and that glass to the right...water...with LOTS of lemon juice!

So, I've used up 22 points so far today. It's 8 PM and I have 7 Points+ left...hmm...

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