Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Technical difficulties

Rolled out of bed this morning. Cracked open the patio door. Felt 3.2 seconds of hot, humid, energy sucking air. And did NOT want to go for a run. Turned around. Put on my running clothes. Headed out for my run. Same story. Different day. Different SHOES!

Yep! I took my Adrenalines out for a run. I'd love to say that they were light as a feather and made me lightening fast. But, remember, it was hot and sticky, my energy has been zapped and my legs felt like lead. I ran 3 miles in 32:54 (10:58). The slowest I've run in quite a while. Not the shoes fault! But my toes were numb at the end of 3 miles...I tied my laces too tight...who does that??? I ran out a little further, so that I could stop short to pick some fresh mulberries to throw into my oats this morning. YUM!

Having serious issues composing this post. In the end, 31 Points+ were used. GOod day!

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