Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August wrap up and a Weigh in Wednesday...

After seeing a gain on the scale, I really didn't want to report back here to the blog. These things happen. I just didn't feel like putting it out there. I have found my grove again. So here's the stats:
7/6/11 157.2 +3.6 (vacation)
7/13/11 152.6 -4.6
7/20/11 152.0 -0.6
7/27/11 151.4 -0.6
8/3/11 153.2 +1.8 (cycle approaching)
8/10/11 150.0 -3.2 (where we left off)
8/17/11 151.8 +1.8 :(
8/24/11 149.4 -2.4
8/31/11 148.8 -0.6

There. I went up. I freaked out. I realized that my physical activity was really increasing. I realized that I needed to fuel more. Yep, I lost the last 3 pounds by increasing the amount that I eat. For me, that means I continued to consume all 29 of my daily Weight Watchers points plus...but I also added 7 more points plus daily (divvying up my 49 weeklys equally). I did really well on the week ending 8/24. This week I didn't track as well. "If you really do the program, it really works. If you kind of do it, it kind of works." I feel great about my decision to increase my food intake. I was so nervous about it. It was a total leap of faith. I have say though that I'm not just eating more of just any ole thing. I'm trying to focus on eating the good stuff. Lean proteins, complex carbs, and oh my, fruits and veggies...they're free though. I have eaten SO much veggies lately. So times I wonder if I'm not becoming a vegetarian...that'll never happen! But once upon a time, a veggie was corn or potatoes to me. Now I eat raw broccoli! Maybe even crave it!

One day I decided that I don't have enough progress pics of myself. I asked my 9 year old daughter to snap one of me about 2 weeks ago.

150 pounds

On the running front. Things have been all rainbows:
Well, maybe not quite, but I did snap this picture during a 10 mile run. I could have run forever that day. Strange though, the circumstances didn't lend itself to being the perfect run. I left home and within 1/4 mile it was raining. At mile two I snapped this shot. At mile 2.5 I started seeing lightening in the distance. At mile 3.5 a car's tires splash through the rain runoff drenched me (ah, I was already wet). At mile 4, the lightening threatened to shorten my run. I booked it home (1 mile away). I was drenched. I changed my clothes, socks and shoes. Hopped on the treadmill and tallied up another 3 miles. I couldn't take the treadmill anymore. Headed outside to zigzag the neighborhood for 2 more. There was more lightening .5 mile out there. I knew I would be out there much longer. Two miles out there and I had completed my 10!!! (and I could have kept going)

This Monday, I completed a much more uneventful 12 miler. It was nice. It wasn't miserable! (but I don't think I could have kept going forever).

August was my highest milage month EVER. I ran 96 miles! I've been striving to hit 20 mile weeks all summer. I fell off short the beginning of the summer, but soon enough started finding my grove. August miles:
August 1-7 21 miles
August 8-14 22 miles
August 15-21 18 miles
August 22-28 20 miles
August 29-31 15 miles (12 miler included here)

I couldn't be more proud of the hard work I've done with my running....if only I could put that much effort and focus on my eating!

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  1. isn't it great to see those miles add up! keep up the good work!

    do you have any upcoming races?