Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weight Watchers Weigh in Wednesday

Last week I left off with, "Next week will be better!" and it is!

7/6/11 157.2 +3.6 (vacation)
7/13/11 152.6 -4.6
7/20/11 152.0 -0.6
7/27/11 151.4 -0.6
8/3/11 153.2 +1.8 (cycle approaching)
8/10/11 150.0 -3.2

I was hoping to finally break into the 140''ll week!

This week I focused more than I have in more than a month. My running is going great. As a matter of fact I ran more miles last week (21) than I have ever run in a week. Although my WW week is Wed-Wed. My workout week is Mon-Sun. So, here's the stats:

8/1 2.34 mile run to Curves + 2 rounds of Curves + 2.33 mile run home
8/2 3.33 mile run
8/3 3 rounds Curves
8/4 8 mile run
8/5 3 rounds Curves
8/6 2.5 mile run + 20 minutes with Jillian Micheals 30 day Shred
8/7 2.5 mile run

My body is loving this 15-20 mile running weeks. I've already run 9 for this week. Four glorious miles yesterday evening. Then this morning, 2.32 to my Curves workout + 2 rounds Curves, followed by 2.31 mile run home from Curves. It's a nice challenging workout! Planning on a long run on Friday. How many? Don't know. I have no races planned but it's nice to know that I'm working up to half marathon ready.

On the eating front, I had been snacking WAY TOO MUCH...and not tracking enough of it. I decided that my activity is probably dictating the need for MORE FUEL. So instead of feeling bad about using up my weekly points and snacking aimlessly...not tracking those. I would make a mental shift and EAT MORE TO FUEL. I decided to strive for 36 points plus a day. That's my 29 daily points plus 7 of my 49 weekly every day. I'm still all over the board, but I am allowing myself to go beyond my 29. And go worked this week. I really feel like I was probably not eating enough to sustain the running I was doing. Live and learn.

So, 13 pounds to goal weight!!!!

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