Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's early bird basketball season

My dear husband coached his first basketball game today.  Our fourth grade boys (and my oldest daughter) pulled off a 34-15 win!

We managed to pull together a team in less than a week.  We needed 8 players on the roster, but only had 7.  My oldest two happen to be twins (boy/girl).  Layla (the girl twin) didn't want her brother to be disappointed in not being able to play b-ball this season, so she volunteered to have her name on the roster.  We also could twist anyone else's arm to coach.  So, hubby took the job.

I was nervous, as only four of the boys have played together before.  We were also short 3 players for todays game (other sport commitments).  Thankfully a couple of kids from one of our schools other bball team wanted to play with us today.  I was quite impressed with how our team played.  Even Layla made a few plays.  She has alot to learn, but hey...I can't imagine how intimidating it must be the only girl on a boy's team.

It was just the confidence booster they needed.  Here's hoping we have a strong, positive season!

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