Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 Goal Setting time

That's right! No resolutions here!  I have goals to meet in 2012!
1.  Race weight by my birthday.
         That means 130-135 by April 13.  I'm currently about 160 (up from 149 when I ran DesMoines in          
         October...damn!).  That means 25 pounds in 15 weeks (really wishing I wouldn't have gained that
         extra 10 pounds!).  I'm not sure that 130-135 is the race weight that I'm shooting for, but strongly
         suspect it is.
2.  Sub 2:00 half-marathon.
         I'll have 18 weeks to train for the Lincoln National Guard Half Marathon on May 6.  With good,
         smart training and the aforementioned weight loss, I believe I can achieve this.  I've run only 2 half
         marathons thus far...both of which I was injured just a few weeks prior.  Hoping the third time is a injuries this cycle!
3.  Strength train 2-3 times a week.
          I started working with Lallenia shortly after I ran DesMoines half (2:08:24) and promptly blew my
          knee out because of my weaknesses.  I continue to train with her and get stronger every week.  
4.  Run 3-4 times a week.
          I'll be finalizing my training schedule over the next couple of weeks.  Eight weeks out from an
          injury, it's hard to imagine running 4 days a week, but that's the goal.  I may have to ease into it for 
          the first few weeks with three runs a week.
5.  Keep on top of my household duties with Motivated Moms.
          Print it off every two weeks.  Check it off as it gets done.  Easy. Peasy!
6.  Eat out no more than once a week opting for the healthy choices. 

7. Log my daily food intake.
I use Daily Burn.  Love it!

8.  Run 1000 miles in 2012.

Just to round out to 10...these are a bit less precise.

9.  Take time to do more things that I, beading...crafting!

10.  Read more.


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